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Push the button, Frank!

Because every “All About Me” page is required, probably by law, to begin with a semi-appropriate pop culture quote, I’ve chosen one from uber-geeky Mystery Science Theater 3000.
So, frankly, the idea behind this blog is a game of percentages. There are over 6 billion people on this globe. 99% of them are, percentile-wise, complete unknowns. Sure, their friends and family know who they are, but outside of that, how well known are the masses? I mean, if you’re lucky, extremely lucky, then maybe 500 people know who you are. 500/6000000000 isn’t a very big number. So, to my way of thinking, if I bring 50 people in the “real” (e.g. analog) world to the party, and this blog helps bring 950 people, then I’m ahead of the curve by a substantial margin. That I don’t know 50 people yet is sort of a stumbling block, but I’m working on it.


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